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An Unexpected Journey

Haleakala Crator
View from the rim of Mt Haleakala a dormant volcano, Hawaii.

The creation of theMasterBucketList.com has taken me on an unexpected journey; it all started with a dinner conversation with a friend in his 40's. We were discussing life, the universe and everything, as you do, when the topic changed to death. John, not his real name (or maybe it is) said, "If I was to die tomorrow I have no regrets."

Wow! I was shocked…

He looked at me and could see the bewilderment on my face. He said, "You're young you haven't experienced much". He went on, "I was in the navy and sailed the seven seas…. I've seen the 7 wonders of the new world… I've been married twice… have a beautiful daughter… 2 thriving businesses… I holiday overseas twice a year… seen Everest's summit… have a wonderful selection of friends… life is good."

My reply was, "I'd be pissed if I died tomorrow!"

I couldn't tell you at the time what it was that I needed to do to make my life complete, I just knew it wasn't. Don't get me wrong… my life wasn't bad. I'd married my childhood sweet-heart. I'd had 3 beautiful children, my job was safe and secure, and I had my health. There was a lot going right in my life.

That night I couldn't sleep. I started to compile a list in my head of all the things I'd regret not doing… the list got too big for my head so I grabbed a note pad and emptied my mind onto the page. I imagined lying on my death bed (morbid I know) and answered questions like, "If I didn't get to see Paris in my life time would it bother me?" or "If I didn't get a tattoo would I care?" or "How important to me was it to get my kids into university?"

The questions were varied and their importance random. "Escargot?" Not that important. "Taking my wife to Venice?" Turned out to be a huge motivator.

Still unable to sleep I got on the computer and googled, "things to do before you die". This is when I discovered the term Bucket List (and the movie, but that's another story). There were so many ideas I hadn't considered; I looked at other peoples bucket lists and discovered places I'd never even heard of and simple things that I took for granted like "see the ocean" or "build a snow man". I was reminded of the J.F.K. quote:-

 "The greater our knowledge increases the more our ignorance unfolds."

Anyway… getting a little off track… back to my Unexpected Journey.

I started compiling a list of bucket list ideas and goals and put them in a spread-sheet, (yes I'm a nerd), I then put a tick next to those I wanted to do. I showed my wife a copy of the spread-sheet and asked her to put a tick next to the things that she wanted to achieve. There were so many we both wanted to do and I honestly believe that if I had not created the list we'd never of known how many dreams we had in common.

Many of my friends were interested in the list so I created a very basic website, (not the one you see today), so they could create their own bucket list and tick off their goals… and add new goals I hadn't considered. Then guess what happened to the website?


Why? Because we were busy our achieving goals.

In 3 years we've been to Venice, Rome, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Tunisia, Capri, Pisa, Florence, Santorini, Vatican City, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Portofino, Hawaii, the Pacific Islands of Noumea and Li Fu. We've been in helicopters, jet boats, gondolas, cable cars and dived in a submarine. We've had supper in St Mark's Square, thrown coins in the Trevi fountain, flown over a volcano and shed a tear at the Arizona Memorial. We've sat on the rim of a dormant volcano high above the clouds and watched the sun set. I've sailed in an ocean race through a storm, I've been sky-diving and I'm building a yacht.

Before I created a Bucket List none of the above was on my horizon.

That was my "Unexpected Journey".

Create a Bucket List and start your Unexpected Journey who knows where it will take you…

Dream Big, Dream Often

the Bucket Master


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