How to Create a Bucket List

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In just 3 easy steps you will be able to create and maintain your 'Bucket List' for free.

Once you have saved your list you can add personal goals like 'take my baby sister clothes shopping' or 'get dad that Panama hat he's been secretly craving'. Start your 'Bucket List' today...

  • Step 1: Choose from the 1099 bucket list ideas we have in the 'Master Bucket List'.
  • Step 2: Review your list and check off items you may have already completed, (you can switch back and forth between Steps 1 and 2).
  • Step 3: Save your bucket list.

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Events To See and Do

  •  celebrate: St. Patrick‚Äôs Day in Ireland 
  •  do: a 'Run or Dye' event 
  •  do: attend a cosplay event 
  •  do: Celebrate Songkran (Thailand) 
  •  do: Celebrate the Day of the Dead (Mexico) do: Celebrate the Day of the Dead (Mexico)
  •  do: Coachella 
  •  do: run in the Boston Marathon do: run in the Boston Marathon
  •  do: run in the London Marathon do: run in the London Marathon
  •  do: run in the Sydney Marathon 
  •  do: the Empire State Building Run Up do: the Empire State Building Run Up
  •  go: Pamplona for Running of the Bulls go: Pamplona for Running of the Bulls
  •  go: to a High School Reunion 
  •  see: Indian Premier League Cricket match 
  •  see: 'Henley on Todd' Regatta 
  •  see: 'The Ashes' Cricket Test Match 
  •  see: 24 Hours of Le Mans (24 Heures du Mans) see: 24 Hours of Le Mans (24 Heures du Mans)
  •  see: AFL Grand Final (Australian Rules Football) 
  •  see: Albuquerque Balloon Festival 
  •  see: Americas Cup 
  •  see: Baja 1000 see: Baja 1000
  •  see: Boryeong Mud Festival 
  •  see: Burning Man Festival (Nevada) see: Burning Man Festival (Nevada)
  •  see: Cannes Film Festival 
  •  see: Carnival in Rio de Janeiro see: Carnival in Rio de Janeiro
  •  see: Carnival of Venice, Italy 
  •  see: Comiket (Tokyo) 
  •  see: Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling and Wake 
  •  see: Formula 1 Grand Prix see: Formula 1 Grand Prix
  •  see: Grand Prix of Monaco see: Grand Prix of Monaco
  •  see: Holland's annual tulip festival 
  •  see: ICC Champions Trophy (Cricket) 
  •  see: ICC Cricket World Cup 
  •  see: Indianapolis 500 see: Indianapolis 500
  •  see: Lerwick Up Helly Aa (fire festival) 
  •  see: Mardi Gras, New Orleans 
  •  see: Melbourne Cup Carnival see: Melbourne Cup Carnival
  •  see: New Years Eve at Times Square (New York) 
  •  see: New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour see: New Years Eve on Sydney Harbour
  •  see: Oktoberfest in Munich see: Oktoberfest in Munich
  •  see: Olympic Games (summer) see: Olympic Games (summer)
  •  see: Olympic Games (winter) 
  •  see: Paris Dakar Endurance Rally see: Paris Dakar Endurance Rally
  •  see: Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival see: Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival
  •  see: Royal Ascot see: Royal Ascot
  •  see: Rugby League World Cup 
  •  see: Rugby World Cup 
  •  see: Super Bowl 
  •  see: T20 World Cup (Cricket) 
  •  see: TED Talks (an annual conference in California) 
  •  see: the Edinburgh Tattoo 
  •  see: the Holi Festival of Colors see: the Holi Festival of Colors
  •  see: the New York Comic Con 
  •  see: the Wimbledon Tennis Championship see: the Wimbledon Tennis Championship
  •  see: Tour de France see: Tour de France
  •  see: Tour Down Under 
  •  see: UEFA Champions League Final 
  •  see: World Cup match (soccer) 
  •  see: World Series Major League Baseball playoff 
  •  visit: Anzac Cove (Gallipoli peninsula), Turkey 

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