How to Create a Bucket List

Create a Buckek List

In just 3 easy steps you will be able to create and maintain your 'Bucket List' for free.

Once you have saved your list you can add personal goals like 'take my baby sister clothes shopping' or 'get dad that Panama hat he's been secretly craving'. Start your 'Bucket List' today...

  • Step 1: Choose from the 1099 bucket list ideas we have in the 'Master Bucket List'.
  • Step 2: Review your list and check off items you may have already completed, (you can switch back and forth between Steps 1 and 2).
  • Step 3: Save your bucket list.

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Healthy Goals

"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." - Jim Rohn
  •  become: a vegan become: a vegan
  •  become: a vegetarian become: a vegetarian
  •  do: a 'Run or Dye' event 
  •  do: a marathon 
  •  do: a triathlon 
  •  do: Buy Life Insurance 
  •  do: Have a complete physical 
  •  do: indoor rock climbing do: indoor rock climbing
  •  do: Maintain my ideal weight 
  •  do: Raise a happy and healthy child 
  •  do: run in the Boston Marathon do: run in the Boston Marathon
  •  do: run in the London Marathon do: run in the London Marathon
  •  do: stop smoking 
  •  do: the Warrior Dash do: the Warrior Dash
  •  learn: Qigong 
  •  learn: Tai Chi 
  •  learn: take belly dancing classes learn: take belly dancing classes
  •  learn: to bake 
  •  learn: to forgive 

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