How to Create a Bucket List

Create a Buckek List

In just 3 easy steps you will be able to create and maintain your 'Bucket List' for free.

Once you have saved your list you can add personal goals like 'take my baby sister clothes shopping' or 'get dad that Panama hat he's been secretly craving'. Start your 'Bucket List' today...

  • Step 1: Choose from the 1099 bucket list ideas we have in the 'Master Bucket List'.
  • Step 2: Review your list and check off items you may have already completed, (you can switch back and forth between Steps 1 and 2).
  • Step 3: Save your bucket list.

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Learn New Things

  •  do: NaNoWriMo 
  • expand  learn: a foreign language (or 2 or more!) 
  •  learn: Aikido 
  •  learn: archery 
  •  learn: astrology 
  •  learn: ballroom dancing 
  •  learn: Beading 
  •  learn: Calligraphy 
  •  learn: CPR (cardio pulmonary resuscitation) 
  •  learn: Crochet 
  •  learn: Embroidery 
  •  learn: fencing 
  •  learn: First Aid / CPR 
  •  learn: horseback riding 
  •  learn: how to perform magic tricks 
  •  learn: how to roller blade 
  •  learn: how to use a pogo stick 
  •  learn: Jewellery making 
  •  learn: Judo 
  •  learn: Jujitsu 
  •  learn: Karate 
  •  learn: kiteboarding 
  •  learn: Knitting 
  •  learn: Kung Fu 
  •  learn: Latin 
  •  learn: Origami 
  •  learn: photography 
  •  learn: Qigong 
  •  learn: Quilting 
  •  learn: Scrapbooking 
  •  learn: Sewing 
  •  learn: sign language learn: sign language
  •  learn: something new 
  •  learn: Tae Kwon Do 
  •  learn: Tai Chi 
  •  learn: take belly dancing classes learn: take belly dancing classes
  •  learn: take singing lessons 
  •  learn: take up astronomy 
  •  learn: time management 
  •  learn: to Belly Dance 
  •  learn: to brew beer or make wine 
  •  learn: to dance a waltz 
  •  learn: to dance the Cha Cha 
  •  learn: to dance the foxtrot 
  •  learn: to dance the rhumba 
  •  learn: to dance the tango 
  •  learn: to Draw 
  •  learn: to fly a plane 
  •  learn: to ice skate (or figure skate) 
  •  learn: to juggle 
  •  learn: to make candles 
  •  learn: to make pottery 
  •  learn: to Paint (watercolors/oil/acrylics) 
  • expand  learn: to play a musical instrument 
  •  learn: to play chess 
  •  learn: to play golf 
  •  learn: to play poker 
  •  learn: to play pool or snooker or billiards 
  •  learn: to play tennis 
  •  learn: to play the harmonica 
  •  learn: to pole dance 
  •  learn: to read tarot cards or runes 
  •  learn: to ride a horse 
  •  learn: to sail 
  •  learn: to salsa dance 
  •  learn: to say 'hello' in 50 languages 
  •  learn: to sculpt 
  •  learn: to ski 
  •  learn: to surf 
  •  learn: to swim 
  •  learn: to tap dance 
  •  learn: to use chopsticks 
  •  learn: to wakeboard 
  •  learn: to water ski 
  •  learn: to Yodel 
  •  learn: woodworking 
  •  learn: yoga 
  •  visit: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA visit: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, USA

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