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  • Step 1: Choose from the 1085 bucket list ideas we have in the 'Master Bucket List'.
  • Step 2: Review your list and check off items you may have already completed, (you can switch back and forth between Steps 1 and 2).
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Travel Goals

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page." - St. Augustine
  •  celebrate: St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland. 
  •  cruise: 'Around the World' 
  •  cruise: Alaska 
  •  cruise: Amazon River 
  •  cruise: Antarctica cruise: Antarctica
  •  cruise: Asia 
  •  cruise: Australia 
  •  cruise: Baltic Sea 
  •  cruise: Canada and New England 
  •  cruise: go on a sea or river cruise 
  •  cruise: Hawaiian Islands 
  • expand  cruise: Mediterranean 
  •  cruise: Mexican Riviera 
  •  cruise: on the RMS Queen Mary 2 cruise: on the RMS Queen Mary 2
  •  cruise: Panama Canal 
  •  cruise: South America 
  •  cruise: the Caribbean cruise: the Caribbean
  •  cruise: the Pacific Islands cruise: the Pacific Islands
  •  cruise: Transatlantic 
  •  dive: Chuuk Lagoon (Micronesia) dive: Chuuk Lagoon (Micronesia)
  •  do: Celebrate Songkran 
  •  do: Celebrate the Day of the Dead 
  •  do: Charity Work Abroad 
  •  do: Charter a yacht do: Charter a yacht
  •  do: crew on an old sailing ship do: crew on an old sailing ship
  •  do: dine at The Rock Restaurant (Zanzibar) 
  •  do: Kiss the Blarney Stone 
  •  do: scary swing at Casa del Arbol 
  •  do: stay on Necker Island 
  •  do: surf in Hawaii 
  •  drive: on an Autobahn (Germany) 
  •  drive: the Great Ocean Road (Australia) drive: the Great Ocean Road (Australia)
  •  fly: 1st Class. 
  •  fly: in a private jet fly: in a private jet
  •  get: my passport 
  •  go: bird watching in Panama go: bird watching in Panama
  •  go: have a holiday on a house-boat go: have a holiday on a house-boat
  •  go: on a 2nd honeymoon (or 1st, 3rd...) 
  •  go: on a Jungle trek go: on a Jungle trek
  •  go: on a National Geographic Expedition 
  •  go: on a photography safari go: on a photography safari
  •  go: on a road trip. 
  •  go: on safari go: on safari
  •  ride: in a tuk tuk 
  •  ride: the Trans-Siberian Railway. 
  •  see: 'Sea of Stars' (Maldives) 
  • expand  see: 7 New Wonders of the World see: 7 New Wonders of the World
  •  see: A Symphony of Lights see: A Symphony of Lights
  •  see: Americas Cup 
  •  see: Banaue Rice Terraces see: Banaue Rice Terraces
  •  see: Borobudur see: Borobudur
  •  see: Chittorgarh Fort, India. see: Chittorgarh Fort, India.
  •  see: Church of the Holy Sepulchre see: Church of the Holy Sepulchre
  •  see: Djemaa el Fna (Marrakesh) 
  •  see: Dutch Dikes & Windmills see: Dutch Dikes & Windmills
  •  see: elephants in the wild. see: elephants in the wild.
  •  see: Fjords of Norway see: Fjords of Norway
  •  see: gorillas in the wild see: gorillas in the wild
  •  see: Kruger National Park 
  •  see: Lake Baikal - World's Deepest Lake 
  •  see: Lions in the wild. see: Lions in the wild.
  •  see: Nazca Lines, Peru. see: Nazca Lines, Peru.
  •  see: Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) see: Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
  •  see: Okavango Delta, Botswana 
  •  see: Palace of the Shirvanshahs 
  •  see: Panama Canal 
  •  see: Paris-Dakar Endurance Rally see: Paris-Dakar Endurance Rally
  •  see: Petronas Twin Towers see: Petronas Twin Towers
  •  see: Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival see: Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival
  •  see: Rock of Gibraltar see: Rock of Gibraltar
  •  see: Salar de Uyuni see: Salar de Uyuni
  •  see: Seljalandsfoss see: Seljalandsfoss
  •  see: Sol de Manana Geyser, Bolivia 
  •  see: Table Mountain National Park 
  •  see: Taipei 101 Building see: Taipei 101 Building
  •  see: Tikal National Park, Guatemala. see: Tikal National Park, Guatemala.
  •  see: Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam) see: Van Gogh Museum (Amsterdam)
  •  see: Victoria Falls see: Victoria Falls
  •  see: Western Wall (Wailing Wall or the Kotel ) 
  •  see: World Cup match (soccer) 
  •  swim: in the Devil's Pool. swim: in the Devil's Pool.
  • expand  Travel: Argentina 
  •  Travel: Around the World Trip 
  • expand  Travel: Australia Travel: Australia
  • expand  Travel: Austria 
  •  Travel: Bermuda 
  • expand  Travel: Brazil 
  • expand  Travel: Cambodia 
  • expand  Travel: Canada 
  • expand  Travel: Chile 
  • expand  Travel: China 
  • expand  Travel: Croatia Travel: Croatia
  •  Travel: Cross the equator 
  •  Travel: Cuba 
  • expand  Travel: Czech Republic 
  • expand  Travel: Ecuador 
  • expand  Travel: Egypt Travel: Egypt
  •  Travel: Fiji 
  • expand  Travel: France Travel: France
  • expand  Travel: Germany 
  • expand  Travel: Greece Travel: Greece
  •  Travel: Hong Kong  
  • expand  Travel: India 
  • expand  Travel: Israel 
  • expand  Travel: Italy Travel: Italy
  • expand  Travel: Japan 
  • expand  Travel: Kenya 
  •  Travel: Maldive Islands 
  • expand  Travel: Mexico 
  • expand  Travel: Monaco Travel: Monaco
  • expand  Travel: Morroco Travel: Morroco
  • expand  Travel: Nepal 
  • expand  Travel: New Zealand 
  • expand  Travel: Pakistan 
  • expand  Travel: Peru 
  • expand  Travel: Russia 
  • expand  Travel: Singapore 
  •  Travel: solo. 
  • expand  Travel: Spain 
  • expand  Travel: Switzerland Travel: Switzerland
  • expand  Travel: Tanzania, United Republic of 
  • expand  Travel: Thailand 
  •  Travel: to the seven continents Travel: to the seven continents
  • expand  Travel: Turkey 
  • expand  Travel: United Arab Emirates 
  • expand  Travel: United Kingdom 
  • expand  Travel: United States 
  • expand  Travel: Vatican City State (Holy See) Travel: Vatican City State (Holy See)
  • expand  Travel: Venezuela 
  •  visit: Bagan visit: Bagan
  •  visit: Bali 
  •  visit: Bora Bora, French Polynesia. visit: Bora Bora, French Polynesia.
  •  visit: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. visit: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.
  •  visit: Hampi (India) 
  •  visit: Mecca (Makkah), Saudi Arabia. visit: Mecca (Makkah), Saudi Arabia.
  •  visit: Moorea, French Polynesia. visit: Moorea, French Polynesia.
  •  visit: Penang, Malaysia. visit: Penang, Malaysia.
  •  visit: San Marino, San Marino. visit: San Marino, San Marino.
  •  visit: Ta Prohm 
  •  visit: Timbuktu (Timbuctoo), Mali. visit: Timbuktu (Timbuctoo), Mali.

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