FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a 'Bucket List'?

A: A Bucket List is a list of things that you would like to do before you die, or kick the bucket. Some people refer to it as a 'life list' or simply a 'goal list'. You can list grandiose dreams like 'become a gazillionaire', or even down to earth goals like 'make peace with my brother'. You can make a list at any age and a Bucket list is dynamic, not etched in stone and you can change your mind. There's a power in 'lists' they help free and organise the mind...

Q: Why would I want to register with site?

A: You would register with site if you want to make a Bucket List or a List of things to do before you die. There are currently 1099 ideas in the Master Bucket List to choose from to inspire you and help you create your own list. There are simple goals like build a snowman or watch a sunrise... right through to monster goals like climb Mt Everest! You can even use this site to manage your list by keeping track of your progress, adding (and removing) goals and printing them out like a check list.

Q: Why do I have to register?

A: You don't...you can view the Top 100 ideas and goals from the Master Bucket List without registering. You only have to register if you want to create your own list or access the complete Master Bucket List.

Q: Does it cost anything to register?

A: No, registration is FREE.

Q: How is the Master Bucket List 'TOP 100' formulated?

A: The Master Bucket List is literally just a list. When a registered member of the site creates their own list, they can pick entries from the Master Bucket List...and every time an item is selected from the list its 'rank' is increased... and that's how we get the Top 100 things to do before you die!

Q: Can I add items to the Master Bucket List?

A: Only registered members can submit items or goals to be added to the Master Bucket List. There is a moderator that assesses the appropriateness of member submissions.

Q: Can I create my own list?

A: Yes you can! You need to become a 'registered member' to create a Bucket List on this site. Once you are registered you log in and use our Bucket List Creation Tools. Your list can be made up from entires in the Master Bucket List or there are 'free text' fields to add personalize items and goals.

Q: How do I use this site?

A: As a registered member you can use this site to create and manage your own Bucket List. You can add and remove goals and tick them off or add completion dates as you achieve each one.

Q: How do I make a suggestion for the site?

A: As a registered member of the site you can submit your suggestions via the 'feed-back box' which you will find under the 'Tools' menu.

Q: How do you use my information?

A: Firstly we don't share your information with anyone... and secondly the only compulsory piece of information we require is your email address which is used as your 'User ID' when you log in. Other information you can volunteer to the site is what country you are in, your year of birth and your gender. We use this information to help our members search the Master Bucket List to find ideas and goals that others in their country, age group or gender have selected and may be of interest to them.


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